Saturday, July 2, 2011

An amazingly patient child.

No offense intended for any other babies, but I have to say, I think we have the cutest, sweetest baby ever. He's also spectacularly patient. We've had a bit of an adventurous day today. Upon arising we decided we wanted to go out for breakfast, but we hit a bit of a snag, we couldn't find Jason's keys. They have a hook by the door where they normally go but last night Peter ended up playing with them after we got home from the park. We searched and we searched and we searched. We were almost ready to go dumpster diving as we'd taken the trash out last night but luckily after 45 minutes of hunting Jason found them. I can't believe we didn't find them earlier as he's stashed stuff in that drawer before but oh well, live and learn.

So we finally made it out to breakfast. Peter entertained himself with a glass of ice and the lids off our coffees while they took a rediculously long time to make our breakfast. Once the food arrived he proceeded to demonstrate with his little plate of scrambled eggs that he has mastered the proper use of a fork. He repeatedly speared a bit and maneuvered it into his mouth! I've gotta say I'm pretty proud of that. Of course he ate a good bit with his hands too but still, he's got it figured out. We stopped at a garage sale and the storeafter breakfast, by this point we're well past when he normally takes a short morning nap but he wasn't complaining. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. Apparently that cat nap was enough for him as he was running the rest of the afternoon.

We had our first adventure with crayons today. He scribbled a bit but had a blast just playing with the crayons. He'd pick up a handful and offer some to me (I was coloring) and pick up some more and put them in the box. Then he'd dump the box out. Then he started chewing on them. He broke the tips off several of them and had orange teeth. It was pretty cute but he wouldn't oblige me and open his mouth so I could get a picture, oh well.

Still running on only the short nap late this morning when it was time to leave to meet a coworker of Jason's for dinner. I was a little concerned that he might end up cutting the trip short but he seemed to enjoy himself. He entertained himself with his whisk, matchbox car and another cup of ice. He ate a respectable bit of parts of our dinners and seemed quite content while we chatted and ate. At the very end he started making his tired talk but when Daddy picked him up he was content to continue hanging out. He stayed awake in the car for the ride home but while I was getting some water and getting ready to settle he passed out in Jason's arms (for the record, he hasn't fallen asleep for Jason since he was probably 3 months old).

Pretty precious huh? I love my boys!

A squirrel at the park! The squirrel apparently really wanted some of our lunch as Peter kept going after him and he never actually ran away, just stayed out of reach.

Fun toys, ride em cowboy!

A budding engineer? He loves turning the gears.

I love the dirt on his forhead. The poor tomato plant is still trying so hard to grow but he's making it tough!

Rice is delicious, but also quite a lot of fun dontcha know?
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