Monday, October 24, 2011

Snapshot - 18 Months

What he is saying:
  •  Car! Any vehicle seen or heard gets an enthusiastic "car!"
  •  "Shoes go bye" Outings are such fun and the sight of his shoes in our hands mean we're "going bye."
  • Showee (shower)
  • Grandma!
  • Caillou, his absolute favorite cartoon.  He'll turn the tv on and if Caillou isn't showing he asks me to turn it on (hurray for Sprout on demand).
  • "Bai-bu" (diaper) After he's done on the potty he gets up and grabs a "bai-bu" and brings it to me to put on him!

What he loves doing:
  • Stacking things on top of each other; legos, cars, cas of catfood... you name it.
  • Helping mommy wash dishes (pouring water from container to container in the sink, mostly in the sink anyway).
  • Helping mommy cook. He pours stuff in the mixing bowl for me and enjoys having his own little bowls of ingredients to mix and match and stir.
  • Taking showers!
What I am loving about him:
  • He is very affectionate, he loves snuggling (sadly, kisses are few and far between).
  • He is very patient when we go out and about even when errand trips take going in and out of the car repeatedly.
  • He is very expressive, I LOVE the intense little shake and laugh he does when he gets something he's been trying to communicate with us.
Some of his quirks:
  • Still not eating much food, but loves kale chips.
  • MUST have a car in hand to fall asleep.
What I want to remember from today:
  • The sounds of boys wrestling and paying peek-a-boo when Daddy got home from work.  So much giggling and laughter and squeals of pure joy.

Well, it's been a ridiculously long time since I've posted anything (any my major difficulties typing this are telling me it's been WAY too long since I've used a real keyboard). Hopefully along with my return to the Fly Lady's fold I'll have a bit more me time to keep this up.  It's amazing to realize we've been here for a year now.