Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We went on our first family camping trip a couple weeks ago I can't wait to go again! Peter had an absolute ball playing in all the dirt and just wandering around. We went up to Mt. St. Helens Moss Creek Campground, one of my favorite campgrounds ever. So Beautiful and while it was almost full, it wasn't crowded. Our site was pretty sloped and while Peter had no issue going up the hills, he'd stand at the top waving and calling for us when he wanted back down.

I was a bit concerned about how well he'd sleep but it actually went pretty well. There was no possibility of him going down for the night before dark so the last hour or so was a bit rough with tired baby who refused to sleep surrounded by that awesomeness, but I can't really blame him. Jason wasn't thrilled by the sleeping situation either. Three on a queen air mattress is tight and being the great Daddy he is, he was the one squoshed to the side and falling off periodically through the night. We'll be getting a twin mattress for next time, luckily our tent is huge.

I'm also super pleased to be able to report that we didn't lose anything to the fire! Peter was super 'helpful' while I built our first fire, chucking numerous trucks in, but once it was actually lit and hot he realized it wasn't such a good toy. That was a big worry of ours of course so I'm glad his instincts are in good working order.

The creek was beautiful but cold and our water baby preferred to play in the water bucket which he did for a lot of the weekend. He was so funny when he'd walk away from the bucket an he'd trip and get his hands all dirty. Peter hates having dirty hands (the rest of him doesn't matter, just the hands) he'd stand there mad, shaking his hands in front of him until we helped him clean them off. Jason tried to teach him to go back to the bucket to clean them himself but it didn't really seem to stick. All right, enough talking, I know you're all just here for the baby pictures anyway. :)

He tasted a few rocks of course but not too many.  That water bucket provided great entertainment.

We found a cute fishing hat at the camp store but Peter is not a fan and it took a couple tries to get any pictures.  He has figured out not only that keys open car doors, but he know which of the keys goes to daddy's car!  I love how he's been walking around with his finger in his bellybutton.  I love the picture of Peter covered in dirt, a dirt covered boy is a little boy who's been having fun!