Thursday, September 18, 2014

Snapshot - Alex 7 months

What he is saying:

  • Dadadadadada.  It has nothing to do with Dada, but Jason is optimistic that since it's his first sound that it'll be his first word too.
  • Blowing raspberries galore. Often when playing with cars/ trucks!

What he loves doing: 
  • Playing with and watching his big brother.
  • Playing peek-a-boo!  He started doing this at about 4 months old: he pulls a blanket over his face and when we ask "where did Alex go?" he kicks and flails until he kicks the blanket away and we say "peek-a-boo!" 
  • Eating EVERYTHING.  Alex will pick up every little crumb or whatever off the floor and pop it in his mouth.  Unlike Peter at this age, he's not just tasting, things are getting swallowed whenever he can.  
  • "Petting" Daisy.  It is more like grabbing fistfulls of kitty fur and ears but she tolerates it so well I'm hopeful that he'll gentle up the grabbing before she changes her mind about him.

What I am loving about him:
  • I love his independence.  When he's awake he wants to be down exploring or playing with Peter.  Hanging out in my arms is okay for a while but I'd better be doing something INTERESTING or he's ready to go pretty quick.
  • I love how well this boy sleeps!  He sleeps more soundly at 7 months than Peter does now at 4 years!
  • I love how different he is from Peter.  From the very beginning these boys have shown me they are two very distinct people with different personalities and I'm just loving the dynamics that is introducing to the house.

Some of his quirks:
  • When he gets really excited about something (like an awesome new toy or Peter is being particularly fun to watch) he makes a sound kind of like a cross between a cough and a bark.

What I want to remember from today:
  • The feeling of his fuzzy soft head tucked under my chin while he sleeps on my chest.
  • He's working really hard on walking.  He's pulling himself up and stepping side to side as well as he can walk around while holding our hands.
  • The beautiful bright grin that is pretty much reserved for his big brother.

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