Friday, February 11, 2011

Pictures in a baby's life

He's sitting inside a tunnel playing with an empty tube of toothpaste. I love how everything in the world is fun and fascinating for him.

A few more pictures of him with his beloved mice. His is the one with the 'tail' and he carts it everywhere but Daddy's clicks better. He knows where Jason's mouse lives and he like to go into the computer room and grab it. Sometimes he'll wander around the apartment with it but the pictures here are from a day when he just decided to play with it on Daddy's chair.

Peter loved my split pea soup (no, it's not green, I thought the yellow split peas were prettier). Of course I ended up wearing even more of it than he did but we both had fun and he had so much fun taking the loaded spoon and feeding himself. :)

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that he enjoyed helping me unload the dishwasher.  Well, now he's helping load it too, with himself.  The morning I took this picture I had opened the dishwasher to unload it then instead of emptying the silverware as usual Peter decided to climb in.  His first time climbing up on anything and he made it look effortless.  He doesn't climb in every opportunity but periodically.

Peter also LOVES his bathtime.  So far, no matter what he's doing, when he hears the bathwater running he comes flying into the bathroom and he stands up at the side of the tub and hollers and dances from side to side as it fills.  I've gotten some video of it but I haven't played much with how to share that video with you all.  I'll get to it at some point but for now, just trust me, it's cute!

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  1. these pictures are ridiculously cute! can't help but giggle at them. Look forward to seeing you at dinner tomorrow!