Monday, January 31, 2011

Life, housekeeping, etc

I've always known I was going to be a mommy.  While I was pregnant I got nervous about whether or not I was really ready and I worried whether I could be as good of a mommy as I had but now that Peter's here I'm feeling pretty good.  It's the whole wife and mother balance that I'm working on now. 

Peter has been my number 1 priority and he'll probably be there for some time, but I have to remember: a happy healthy daddy is an important part of a happy healthy family.  Just because Jason is capable of taking care of himself doesn't mean I can leave him to his own devices.  It's so easy to just worry about Peter and chores and doing what 'needs' to be done but it's so rewarding to just push Jason to the top of the heap and do things for him like make his lunch or a favorite dinner.  The smile I get when I bake a few cookies and bring him a glass of milk says it all.  There are so many little things I can do for him to remind him how special he is and that he's so much more than just a paycheck for the house.

I'm still amazed at how hard it is to keep a house with a young child clean but I'm getting better.  I'm still in love with my washing machine, I can't believe I made it through so many years without one (including 5 months with a baby!)   I stumbled across the FLY Lady a while back and I'm slowly implementing her teachings into my life and I can feel the difference.  She gives me hope that I will eventually be able to cure my CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome, I get a kick outta that) even with my little dude's 'help.'

Speaking of the little dude, we've been enjoying the dry weather and going for a lot of walks lately.  They're just putting the finishing touches on the new pedestrian bridge that makes the walk into town much safer so we've been walking to the grocery store.  Peter loves to get out and see the people and watch the cars and it's nice for me to have a purpose for my walk, I'm far less likely to put it off than one just for exercise.  It's just far enough to be a nice walk but it's close enough that the trip home carrying Peter on my front and a backpack full of groceries is manageable.  I LOVE my baby wrap.

I've got some great new pictures to post but Peter's asleep in my lap and I can't reach the camera so they'll just have to wait for now.  I love sleepin baby snuggles.

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