Thursday, July 12, 2012

March to July

Here's some pictures!

Peter had a blast playing with everyone at Pwapa & Mwama's for Father's Day.  He even played with his cousin! It was pretty funny watching them exchange toys.  The new sandbox was a huge hit, even thogh it still needs a bit more sand.


My boys in the park.  <3

I just adore sleeping baby peacefullness.  It's improved by the fact the Peter frequently talks in his sleep, usually along the lines of "tractor, tractor.... BULLDOZER!" So stinkin cute. 

A favorite pastime: lining up all the cars in sight and driving his monster trucks over them! We occasionally see monster trains and monster tractors as well. :) 

At our first monster truck show.  We took PEter for his birthday and he had a BLAST! He was completely unfazed by the noise and was so funny to watch as he watched the trucks "crush cars" as he says repeatedly.  Sadly, I didn't even think to take pictures of any of the trucks, oops. 

Helping me bake! This is a rather frequent sight here unfortunately.

On top of the 7' high cat tree.  He climbs it frequently, but he usually stops on the second or at most third tier, so far, this is still the only time he's gone all the way up. 

Peter took these himself in the car, I didn't know he'd done it until I was going through the pictured today.

Helping Mwama figure out her new camera. He is fascinated by cameras and he loves to take pictures of things and see them in the camera afterwards.

More baking help.  I told you it happens a lot. 

We're doing well. It's a lot of fun hearing his language explode with multiple new words used every day.  He still calls Ethel "buh-hole" and Thomas "Toe-see" but trucks are now trucks rather than "bowies" and its now "bulldoser" instead of "bull-DOH-ser."

He enjoys pulling buckets out of my craft closet and sorting through them (I tried to keep all the totally off limits stuff in just a few high up containers and so far that's worked well). That does result in a huge disaster as all my feathers fly across the room or he manages to actually open one of the bead containers, but he adores it and he usually helps pick up some of it (before dumping it again a few more times) so it's all fun.  :)
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  1. my new prediction is that he will be a photographer one day.... that picture he took of his shoes could be framed and sold for a lot of money :)