Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yamhill County Fair!

A couple pictures of the boys painting a little wooden birdhouse together.  I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the result! I'll have to remember to do that.


Some Peter cuteness.  These big planters are right next to our farmers market so he plays on them every week.  I didn't catch it in either of these pictures but in one of the planters there's a little tree that is perfect for munchkin climbing, and many of them do.  So far Peter just watches the other kids do it, but I don't think it'll be too much longer before he's trying it himself. 

We had a blast yesterday at the fair despite the heat (made it to 101 here). We felt very sorry for all the poor critters but it seemed like they were doing okay, saw lots of big blocks of ice in cages which was probably pretty helpful. The absolutely best part of the fair in Peter's eyes was a little old riding car that an autobody vendor had out for display.  That was a sturdy old thing, no plastic here, all metal. the steering wheel also made a very satisfying little squeak as it was turned which helped it too.  :) 

Next best was all of the tractors.  He wanted to try them all out. 

Ooo! This one has a switch! 

Look at all the levers! 

We took a break and went home during the heat of the day but came back in the evening for the demolition derby.  It was led off by a pair of motorcyclists doing some jumps, Peter was enthralled and Jason and I were rather impressed. I didn't catch any of the cool tricks on camera, oh well.

Then came the actual derby.  There were two rounds, one for small cars with 6 entrants and the second round for larger cars with 14! It was crazy and Peter went back and forth a bit between thinking it was awesome and being scared for the cars.  It didn't take too long before he settled on it was awesome though.

I recorded a little of the derby anhd right at the tail end one of the cars caught fire, not sure if I caught it or not as the cameras battery died right then. I have to admit I had more fun than I expected to.  It looked kinda like bumper cars out there, just without the bumpers and as Jason said afterwards it was rather incredible to see just how much of a beating a car can take and keep on running.

We're in for a busy weekend here as today is our CSA farmer's first potluck and work party of the year.  Maybe there will even be another post soon! But I'd better get to fixing our food to bring.
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