Saturday, December 18, 2010


It's official.  Peter's crawling.   Nothing is safe and I'm so excited!

He's been traveling around a bit for the last week or so but he wasn't really able to get anywhere in particular, it was more just a lean and reach and sit back up pattern that meandered around.  But Thursday evening he took a few crawling lurches forward and from there he pretty quickly figured out that he  could use that to get where he wanted to go.  It's fun to see the thought process "Oh, I want THAT!" and to see him actually go for it!

We also found out this week that there's a big unschooling community here in McMinnville.  I haven't gotten in touch with them yet but I got the contact info for the coordinator at a toy shop whos owner used to be a member (her littles are grown now).  I'll get in touch with them after the holiday chaos, plenty on my plate for now.  I'm just so excited to find out that we're going to have local people to work with as we take this unconventional route to parenting and school.

Now that Peter's crawling I think I'll have a chance to post some more pics, he's been pretty demanding lately but with his newfound mobility he seems to be enjoying his independence.  But for now, time to get ready to go, we've got Jason's work Christmas party and the Winter family Christmas today.

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