Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pictures and talk about Christmas (finally!)

Peter enjoys helping me unload the dishwasher. Sadly, he doesn't seem to get that I'd rather he waited until they were Clean before unloading...
Christmas Eve over at my Grandpa's (wearing his new "My first Yankee's tee").

Peter had a blast playing with Uncle Jesse's hat and chewing on his Christmas presents. We eventually ended up opening them for him as he was showing no inclination to transfer from chewing to tearing and we wanted to see what he thought of his new toys (he loves his little radio, but the xylophone seems a bit beyond him at the moment).  I love seeing my brothers play with him.  It wasn't until I started going through these pictures that I realized I was very negligent and didn't get any pictures of Peter with anyone else!

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Peter's thoughts on Christmas Day "Tiring." 

He came away with a large haul of new toys and clothes, I keep forgetting to do a fashion show to get him in all his new clothes, maybe I'll get to it before he grows out of them.  I got Jason a new Windows phone and he's been having fun with that.  I got lucky in that his old phone was dead when I bought it because AT&T automatically sent text messages to his phone when I upgraded the data plan and that would have given away the surprise.  Jason got me a buncha new stuff for my kitchen, a nice new knife and some new pans, my kinda presents.  I always love getting stuff that is useful and pretty.  One of the new skillets is purple and blue and another is green, they're so fun (and now I can finally throw out my scratched up old skillets)!  He also found an adorable print of a little boy on a toy tractor hauling a litter of puppies in his trailer.  I get to pretend it's Peter on my dream farm.  :)

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