Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We had our first adventure with bread! I made fresh ciabatta this week so we thought we'd try that out, no worries about any wierd ingredients as I made it, nice that way. He started sucking/gnawing on it almost right away. Being nice and chewy, it held up to a good bit of gnawing before it started disolving but he did eventually break off a piece. That's what prompted the face in the third picture. Took him a bit but he eventually worked it out and spit out the chunk. Still nothing swallowed but we're having fun. Those last two shots are of Gracie claiming and eating the drooly remnants of Peter's snack. She thought that was a great treat, the other cats came to see what she had and then just walked away. Yeah, she's funny like that.

On the other hand, travel is becoming imminent. He's actually moving around pretty well already, but just backwards and turning so far. He's working on the forward direction though and I must say I'm glad we've kept babyproofing in mind as we unpacked everything. The finishing touches shouldn't be too bad and I know he'll show us quickly enough what we forgot to worry about. :)

He's making more different sounds now too instead of just different volumes of the same sound. I already think my little boy is the cutest thing in the world, how is it possible that he gets cuter every day?? Yet somehow, he manages.
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  1. Im so happy you started a blog! so nice to stay updated and see all of these adorable pictures! :)