Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our first taste of food!

Our first taste of real food was pretty fun. He was certainly not impressed but after tasting it he did have fun swinging the broccoli around and then trying to pick up the little bits that broke off. The smaller pieces seemed to interest him more than the big bit, sadly his pincer grasp isn't reliable enough for him to actually pick up those pieces so they just stayed on the floor.

After the broccoli we tried giving him a big chunk of banana to see if he would be more interested in something sweet (apparently that's the case for many babies) but that was a no go too. We video'd that intro but Daddy was playing with the zoom button while he tasted the banana so Peter's all fuzzy because the camera was having trouble keeping up the focus and you can't see his expressions. Oh well, there will be many more chances to get cute baby faces.

He's stolen a slice of apple and a leaf of lettuce now while we've been eating our own dinners. As long as whatever he's reaching for isn't too salty or messy I've just been letting him experiment. So far he still hasn't done more than lick anything more than once before proceding to just swing it around and hit things with it but the mantra I'm seeing on the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) forums is that "Food is fun until they're one" and that it may be months of simply playing with food before he gets interested in actually eating it, any then even more before he makes the connection between eating and hunger. We'll be working out my new washing machine over the next few months, good thing bathtime is fun around here!
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