Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just can't get enough of the baby/kitty snuggles. I rarely get to actually get pictures of it though as it usually happens in my lap. Such sweetness!

 These pictures were after Daddy decided to let the baby play with his "empty" coffee cup.  He had a blast playing with the lid and he's got an early start at wearing his morning coffee.  :)

He seems to enjoy having all of his toys together in the basket so he can dig through them for his favorites and then eventually dump them all on the floor.  I think it's so cute watching him search and shuffle through them all.

 The baby led weaning has been fun.  This apple slice was his first positive encounter, he actually nibbled and chewed a bit, though I really don't think he swallowed any.  He also tasted a slice of onion the other day.  He reacted more positively than I expected.  He simply put it in his mouth, licked it, then looked at it, and finally dropped it on the floor.  We've tasted broccoli, banana, carrot, apple and onion now.

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