Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kookoolan Farms

We had a fun adventure out to Kookoolan Farms today.  They raise happy chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and veggies.  Yum!  But what really brought me there in particular was the fact that they sell raw milk.  I've been doing a lot of reading and I've decided that that is the best way to go assuming we can get our hands on a safe supply which I believe I have found here.  The lengths they go to to ensure the milk is safe is awesome and the respect they show all of their animals makes me feel pretty incredibly lucky to live so close to them.   The raw milk is gonna take some getting used to, it's really nothing like the stuff you get at the grocery store.  It's not even white!  Apparently cows that actually eat grass make milk that's a creamy off white (huh, guess that's where the color descriptor 'creamy' comes from, duh).

The other exciting thing is they sell everything you could need to make cheese out of that fresh milk.  I can't wait to begin those experiments, I just can't decide where to start.  Tomorrow is the day we pick up our CSA share so we'll see what we get in the basket this week but I'm gonna have a ball making dinner tomorrow with all my new goodies.

Peter had fun at the farm store, lotsa stuff to look at and they had a fun wood farmhouse in a corner that kept him occupied for quite a while.  While I'm thinking about Peter, I forgot to share that he got his first molar last week!  He was laughing and I saw white.  At first I thought he had something in his mouth as we hadn't had any teething fussiness but nope, he cut a molar.  He's got such a mouthfull of teeth now!

Jason growls a lot.   It's not loud or anything but when he first wakes up or when something isn't right he growls (I suppose there isn't much right about getting up in the morning when you're a night owl huh?).  It's completely unconcious and I often don't even hear it unless I'm thinking about it I'm so used to it.  Well, Peter apparently has been listening.  When he woke Jason up from a nap after work he started growling too!  I just busted up laughing it was so cute and he did it a few more times before he went to sleep.  I hope he keeps it up.

What a boring post with no pictures but I've got Petey sleepin in my lap and I forgot to bring the camera over before we settled so too bad!

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