Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tiny Tots

We went to check out Tiny Tots today just cause it was something different to do and it struck me as a good idea. It's fantastic! It's just two rooms in the basement of the community center and it's full of all sorts of toys. There were tons of cars and trucks, Peter made a beeline right for them and carried that red car around for quite a while before taking any deep interest in anything else. There was a train table and a lego table, three slides, a puppet stage, several of those horses that rock on springs (no idea if they have some fancy name but I remember those from when I was a kid). Plenty of 'appliances' for playing house, I don't think I've ever seen a plastic washer and dryer before, and lots of plastic food. Even a dress-up box with several capes! The rooms were connected by an open double door, the one with most of the toys was carpeted and the other had a little basketball hoop and some 15 or so vehicles for kids to ride in/on. I can see that room reading like bumper cars on a cold rainy day.

Today the place was empty, there were two kids there when we arrived but apparently it was time to leave for kindergarten as they left within 5 minutes of our arrival. The whole place was ours for over an hour and a half until a 2 1/2 year old arrived. His mom and grandma appeared to be meeting with a social worker or something so he was left to his own devices. Except for the trains which he hoarded completely he played really well with Peter and was a pretty friendly child. Peter had a blast going from pile to pile just checking everything out a little at a time. It wasn't rainy today but it wasn't particularly nice either so I was kinda surprised at how quiet it was. I wonder how busy it gets during the wet winter months.

Busy or quiet, this is going to be a fantastic fun place to play!
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