Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We're still here!

I've got so many cute pictures since I last posted that I know Peter will never give me time to post them all so here's just a few and I'll try to post more often to keep up with the cuteness in the future.

It's kinda hard to see in the picture but this is his first experience with eggs. He was helping me make breakfast and he started pulling eggs out of the fridge so I just put him in the tub with the two he'd cracked and let him go for it. He thought it was pretty awesome and it was fun watching his surprise when he cracked it enough for the egg to start coming out. Apparently this was all he needed as he plays in the fridge regularly but he hasn't touched the egg carton since!

Peter is playing with Peter here, you can just barely see Peter the Ferret's nose poking out from behind the garbage can.  They had a lot of fun together in the hotel room.  Shortly after this picture was taken there was a moment of insane cuteness as  Peter the Ferret did his modified weasel war dance (his back legs are completely useless) and Peter danced with him!  It was spectacularly adorable but sadly we didn't manage to really get it on camera.

This was a fun evening.  I can't remember what started it but apparently I thought he wanted to play in the sink (I was right) so I let him and he thought that was just the most awesome thing he'd ever done.  He just sat in there turning the water on and off  and played with the stream and his rubber ducky.  After a little while Jason thought to stop up the sink and then he had even more water to splash in which of course made it even better.  He is constantly reminding me how much joy we can find in the little things if we just stop to take the time and think about how cool it really is that we can pull a little knob and water runs out!  And better still, if we turn it one way it's cold but the other way it's hot!

Walking in the park.  He still walks like a drunken sailor, especially when he's trying to go quickly, but he rarely crawls anymore.  It's pretty cute when he does fall too, it's Very controlled and he looks like he's falling in slow motion most of the time, pretty funny to watch.

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  1. absolutely adore the bottom 2 pictures.. you should have the last one blown up and framed.