Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Snapshot - 13 1/2 months

What he is saying:
  •  Still lots of Mamama and Dadada
  • Ghee Ghee! (seems to be his attempt at kitty!)
  • A whole lot of other sounds
  • While he's not saying them yet he's signing "hi" and "bye" with two distinct waves even when he just hears the word so it isn't just him copying our wave!

What he loves doing:
  • Touching the kitties!
  • Digging in the planter on the balcony, sad for the tomato plant trying to grow in it but oh well, we'll see how many make it to ripeness.
  • Playing with water.  Whether it's water in the sink, toilet, tub, watering can, pool, puddle... you name it.
What I am loving about him:
  • His ADORABLE drunken sailor walk.  I just adore it!
  • How easily he adapts to different situations.  He did amazingly well at a crowded conference for three days.
  • How intense he can be.  He is very expressive and he lets us know when things are and aren't going as he would like them to.
Some of his quirks:
  • He likes kalamata olives but not black olives.
  • He holds anything remotely cellphone shaped up to our ears for us to talk into (and he enjoys it when we talk then hold it for him).  But if there's someone actually on the phone talking to him it fascinates him and he wants to stare at it.
What I want to remember from today:
  • His obvious delight at all the different toys our first time to Tiny Tots.  
  • How happy he was to play with a new kid and how willing he is to share.  He doesn't mind when another child takes a toy as long as there's something else for him to have instead.
  • The way he feels sleeping snuggled in my lap after a long day of play.

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