Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sesame Street and Gymnastics

We have discovered Sesame Street.

I'll often watch Food Network as Peter nurses and drifts off to sleep in my lap but yesterday I thought I'd turn on Sesame Street. I've offered him various kids shows before, including Elmo, but he never paid any more attention than he did to my shows so I just kept watching what interested me. Yesterday was different though. He was fascinated. The sprawl in the recliner is exactly how I set him when I got up to get the camera, he didn't move a bit, while usually when set in the recliner he tries to climb over the back immediately. The spell started wearing off a little so I put him a bit closer in his rocker and he went back to glued for a little while. I love the different expressions I caught in those shots.

We finished swimming lessons a couple weeks ago and decided not to continue for a while.  The classes are in the evening and Peter just wasn't happy going out at that time.  He'd had fun the first few weeks but his nap/sleep schedule shifted so we'll just have to go play during free swim or when his sleep schedule shifts again.

Parent/child gymnastics started this morning!  The age group for the class is 1-3 years, most of the children were 2 1/2 - 3 with one 2 year old and then Peter at not quite 14 months.  Despite the age gap, Peter was pretty comparably sized.  He was just a touch shorter but most of the kids had lengthened out into lean little kids as is normal so Peter looked like a little tank in there.

The class started with the teacher asking everyone to sit on a colored spot on the floor she'd put down.  Peter, not too interested in following directions yet, started trying to collect them.  I managed to keep him entertained with one while she walked the other kids through some stretches and when she had everyone run around the room in circles for warm up Peter mostly stood in the middle and stared with occasional forays into the flow of traffic going the opposite direction.

It was fun to see the other kids actually doing little things like somersaults and hanging on the bars and walking on the balance beam.  Peter seemed to enjoy walking on the squishy mats and was enthralled by himself in the big mirror and had a blast checking out the equipment (most particularly the stands and knobs for adjusting height.)  The class ended with the teacher blowing some bubbles and all the little kids crowded together popping bubbles was adorable.  It took Peter a while to realize what was going on and to wander in the midst but he did eventually. 

I think the class is a bit beyond him and I don't think I'll sign up for more until he's a bit older but we'll keep going for this session.

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