Tuesday, June 14, 2011

musings on a baby boy

Before I had Peter I think I kinda wanted a little girl.  Of course I always knew I would love and adore my child no matter their sex but part of me thought little girly stuff might be just a little more fun for me.  Well, now that I have a little boy I had to say I really do find the dirt eating munchkin moments to be fantastic fun.

He has absolutely zero interest in stuffed animals or books.  But if it has moving parts, lights, or buttons, he's ALL over it.  He studies things and likes to figure out how to make it do everything it can do.  He'll keep turning and pulling and poking until he's satisfied that no other parts open up or activate anything else.  He pulls the batteries out of the remote and then tries to put them back again. 

I really don't know much of anything about little boys, but boy, I'm having fun learning!

 This was just after he came in from playing in the rain (and my tomato planter... again).  The water and the mud made for a very happy boy.  And then bathtime was a blast as usual!

Helping Daddy clean the lint out of the dryer. 


  1. that tongue sticking out in the bath picture is absolutely fantastic!

  2. He still has SO much fun with bathtime! I love the huge puddle he always makes around the tub with his splashing and toy chucking, it's a sign that great fun was had.